5 Indica Cannabis Strains for Sativa Fans

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While picking up some new strains at the dispensary yesterday, my budtender began by asking, “Are you looking for an indica or a sativa?” Her question is a reflection of how most people think about strains: sativas are for staying active and indicas are for relaxing. Sometimes, however, strains can surprise us and exhibit traits that we wouldn’t normally associate with their indica or sativa types.

Cannabis strains are more variable than one might think. Their nuanced effects often transcend the basic indica-sativa classification system and are influenced by a number of other factors:

  • Your personal physiology and brain chemistry
  • Your mood and energy level
  • How the strain was grown and which genetic traits that particular plant expressed (cannabis nerds, see this primer on genotypes and phenotypes)
  • Delivery method and dose
  • Expectation of effects
  • Accuracy of strain labeling

With that caveat in mind, we analyzed our user-submitted strain reviews to find five indica strains that can defy their sedating stereotypes and offer more uplifting effects commonly associated with sativa varieties. Granted, I wouldn’t expect a hyperactive burst of energy from these strains, but sativa fans can certainly appreciate the creative, focused, and social cerebral effects these five have to offer.


1. Purple Chemdawg

Leafly Purple Chemdawg cannabis strain tile Leafly Purple Chemdawg cannabis strain effects

Chemdawg is known for its jolt of cerebral energy, but what happens when you crossbreed it with Purple Kush? According to Leafly reviewers, that invigorating buzz remains intact but is balanced by calming body sensations that keep you relaxed while your mind takes flight.

Purple Chemdawg strain review by Leafly user ryno144z

“Incredibly unique strain. I’ve never felt so stuck but completely awake and alert.”


2. Somango

Leafly Somango cannabis strain tile Leafly Somango cannabis strain effects

Though mostly indica, Somango has several qualities that any sativa fan can appreciate: focus, creativity, and a tropical flavor profile rarely found in indica varieties. Its Jack Herer parent is partially responsible for that extra cerebral kick, and Somango can also express high levels of CBD which lends to this strain’s clear-headed effects. Somango is a great companion strain for anyone needing to keep their mind sharp while pushing out pain, inflammation, or muscle spasms.

Somango cannabis strain review by Leafly user martinhilist

“Keeps me creative, focused and full of ideas for activities like drawing, compose music, etc.”


3. Alien Dawg

Leafly Alien Dawg cannabis strain tile Leafly Alien Dawg cannabis strain effects

As with most strains, the reported effects of Alien Dawg range from “I can totally function on this” to “I am plastered to a couch in space.” Keeping the dose moderate is the best way to bring out the balance in this strain as it gives rise to concentrated creativity and positive moods. You’ll also find its cerebral-focused effects are most easily harnessed earlier in the day, while you still have energy for this indica to build off of.

Alien Dawg cannabis strain review by Leafly user Jasp1001

“Works well for anxiety but by no means was I a couch potato on it. I got energetic from it was able to get my stuff done.”


Alien Dawg cannabis strain review by Leafly user ManRay

“It is one of the few ‘sativa’ indicas in that is produces noticeable head effects while still having similar body loads of an indica.”


4. Candy Cane

Leafly Candy Cane cannabis strain tile Leafly Candy Cane cannabis strain effects

For those of you looking for a creative boost without jarring cerebral activity, Christmas has come early. Candy Cane is the indica you want, offering sweet mango and citrus flavors alongside uplifting euphoria that keeps the mind agile. This strain relaxes the body without robbing you of your faculties, so staying social and productive generally isn’t a problem.

Candy Cane cannabis strain review by Leafly user Bootlegks

“The high is euphoric and uplifting. Makes me a little creative and energy high versus the couch effect.”


Candy Cane cannabis strain review by Leafly user r1z0n

“A great body high but keeps your mind racing. Overall a wonderful indica strain for sativa lovers!”


5. Power Kush

Leafly Power Kush cannabis strain tile Leafly Power Kush cannabis strain effects

They don’t call it Power Kush for nothin’. This strain does pack a euphoric punch, but there’s general consensus among Leafly reviewers that Power Kush won’t leave you glued to the couch. The cerebral effects aren’t as racy as your typical sativa; instead, they provide a calm mindset that allows you to stay focused and engaged, so long as you dose somewhat modestly.

Power Kush cannabis strain review by Leafly user Byros

“I am relaxed but not couch-locked. I can still focus and task very well. This one will be an after-I-get-home-from-work strain…something to address the pain but not get me ready for bed yet.”


Power Kush cannabis strain review by Leafly user Deboe98104

“This is a great strain for depression. I should get couch lock but I don’t.

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New Strains Alert: Primus, Sour LSD, Strawberry Amnesia, Bubba's Gift, and More

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New strains have just been added to Leafly’s strain database and they need your reviews! As things cool down outside, snuggle up with Bubba’s Gift or Cherry Grapefruit to get your full-body relaxation on. Motivate yourself to think creatively with Cambodian Haze, Strawberry Amnesia, or Sour LSD. And, of course, celebrate the announcement of Primus’ winter tour with none other than the Primus indica. These strains are just what you’ll need to get through the holidays, so figure out which ones are available near you by checking out the links below!


Leafly Primus cannabis strain tile   1. Primus

Primus, also called Primus OG, is a complex indica strain that combines Arcata, Trainwreck, and 303 OG. Each parent strain passes on something special to Primus: Arcata with its creative activation, Trainwreck with its long-lasting euphoria, and 303 OG with its sour fruit flavors. This trifecta of duration, fragrance, and quality of high makes for a potent hybrid cherished by patients and recreational consumers alike. For those using cannabis medicinally, consider choosing Primus for evening management of depression, anxiety, appetite loss, or pain relief.

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Leafly Sour LSD cannabis strain tile   2. Sour LSD

Sour LSD is a balanced hybrid strain that brings the best of its parent strains: the sour, funky aroma of Sour Bubble and the trippy head space provided by the hybrid LSD. Elevating the senses to new heights, Sour LSD is a great companion strain for enjoying the outdoors or creative activities. This BOG Seeds creation is a nostalgic throwback for all fans of Barney’s Farm’s original LSD, as it carries similar active sativa-like traits only with a little more body relaxation.

Find out which locations are currently carrying Sour LSD


Leafly Strawberry Amnesia cannabis strain tile   3. Strawberry Amnesia

A powerful and uplifting flower from Dinafem Seeds, Strawberry Amnesia is a strain made in sativa heaven. Bred from Strawberry Cough and Amnesia, this strain delivers the familiar sweet strawberry and earthy flavors of its parents. Having the typical energizing and euphoric effects of a sativa, Strawberry Amnesia also induces the calming body high from its distant indica relatives. The dark green buds of Strawberry Amnesia are very dense and heavily coated in resin, so this potent sativa should be handled with caution.


Leafly Bubba's Gift cannabis strain tile   4. Bubba’s Gift

Developed by Humboldt Seed Organization, Bubba’s Gift is a strain unlike any other. Despite being almost purely indica, this cross between Bubba Kush and God’s Gift produces functional and uplifting effects with a mild body high. Given its strong indica genetics, this sweet, fruity strain is surprisingly well-suited for daytime creative activities. Bubba’s Gift will flower in 6 weeks and can be grown indoors and outdoors.

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Leafly Cherry Grapefruit cannabis strain tile   5. Cherry Grapefruit

Cherry Grapefruit by Kera Seeds is a super fruity sativa-dominant hybrid that brings out the best qualities of parent strains Cherry and Grapefruit. The effects position themselves with gentle full-body relaxation and a nice head-buzz that would be best for anyone needing muscle relief and mood elevation. This easy-to-grow strain will flower in 9 weeks and is suitable for growing both indoors or outdoors.


Leafly Cambodian Haze cannabis strain tile   6. Cambodian Haze

Reeferman Seeds created the vibrant Cambodian Haze sativa by crossing a Cambodian landrace strain with Purple Haze. This South East Asian spin on the classic Purple Haze will deliver a strong euphoric experience without exacerbating paranoia. Known to be extremely sticky in texture and sweet in flavor, Cambodian Haze is the perfect sativa for staying productive without being up all night. Flowering in 11 to 12 weeks, this strain is best suited for indoor and greenhouse grows for an experienced grower.


Leafly Grandpa Larry OG cannabis strain tile   7. Grandpa Larry OG

An instant classic from top tier genetics, Grandpa Larry OG is the next elite OG strain. Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG were crossed to create this indica that behaves more like a hybrid. With clear, creative thoughts paired with a subtle relaxing effect, this strain can relieve pain without locking you to the couch. Taking after Granddaddy Purple in growth, these dense dark green and purple buds are covered in trichomes and orange hairs.

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The Top 10 Cannabis Strains in Colorado

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Every region is different when it comes to strain availability. What might be easy to find on the West Coast might be almost impossible to come by on the other side of the country. Here, we take a look at the top 10 strains offered in Colorado dispensaries and shops.

What do we mean by “top strains,” you might ask? We gathered menu data from all of our Colorado locations and determined the 10 most commonly listed strains. These are closely aligned with the most frequently searched strains in Colorado, so store owners might want to take note when thinking about strain inventory.


1. Blue Dream

Leafly Blue Dream cannabis strain tile Leafly Blue Dream cannabis strain effects

Which major market isn’t dominated by Blue Dream? With a widely recognized name, a fragrant berry aroma, and pleasantly uplifting effects, it comes as no surprise that this ubiquitous hybrid tops Colorado’s inventory list.


2. Durban Poison

Leafly Durban Poison cannabis strain tile Leafly Durban Poison cannabis strain effects

The second most commonly offered strain in Colorado traveled far from its African homeland to share with us its lively effects. Stimulating euphoria feeds the mind creativity and focus, which goes to show why so many compare Durban Poison to a cup of coffee and use it as such.


3. Sour Diesel

Leafly Sour Diesel cannabis strain tile Leafly Sour Diesel cannabis strain effects

Another widely prolific sativa, Sour Diesel is by no means a rarity among Colorado shops and dispensaries. Its engaging cerebral energy is a perfect pair for getting outside and staying active, and in a state with so much outdoor recreation to enjoy, it makes sense that Sour Diesel has maintained its demand in Colorado.


4. Golden Goat

Leafly Golden Goat cannabis strain tile Leafly Golden Goat cannabis strain effects

Born and bred just over the border in Kansas, Golden Goat has retained its supremacy in Colorado since its westward arrival when medical marijuana was making its debut. While some in Colorado might grow weary of seeing Golden Goat at every corner, this fragrantly tropical sativa-dominant staple is must-try for visitors from outside the state.


5. Flo

Leafly Flo cannabis strain tile Leafly Flo cannabis strain effects

This uplifting hybrid keeps a steady flow into stash jars all over Colorado. With a sweet and earthy flavor telling of its Afghani ancestry, Flo provides an all-over blast of euphoria that relaxes the body while letting the mind run free.


6. Girl Scout Cookies

Leafly Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain tile Leafly Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain effects

The Cookie craze may have started in California, but it certainly didn’t end there. Colorado natives were quick to embrace the potent Girl Scout Cookies, making it the sixth most stocked strain in the state. For those who have experienced this hybrid’s heavy-handed euphoria, it isn’t hard to imagine why this strain is an absolute necessity for Colorado dispensaries and shops.


7. Mob Boss

Leafly Mob Boss cannabis strain tile Leafly Mob Boss cannabis strain effects

Though relatively new to the scene, Mob Boss rapidly stole hearts in Colorado with its flowery citrus flavor and relentless potency. For those of you treating pain, appetite loss, and stress, you won’t need much of the Mob Boss to get the job done. A little goes a long way with this resin-storm of a hybrid.


8. Northern Lights

Leafly Northern Lights cannabis strain tile Leafly Northern Lights cannabis strain effects

Few indicas and indica-dominant hybrids made it on this list, but of course the exception would be Northern Lights. This heavy indica brings out appreciation from all the senses: food, nature, company, hobbies…what isn’t made better by the dreamy, sublime sensations of Northern Lights?


9. Green Crack

Leafly Green Crack cannabis strain tile Leafly Green Crack cannabis strain effects

Its name may be unsavory to some, but that hasn’t kept this strain from flying off the shelves of storefronts across Colorado. Green Crack has an uncanny ability of bringing laughing fits to social circles and engaged focus to solo ventures.


10. Banana Kush

Leafly Banana Kush cannabis strain tile Leafly Banana Kush cannabis strain effects

Last but not least, Banana Kush takes the tail end of our list as the 10th most commonly stocked strain in Colorado cannabis shops. Carrying the unmistakable aroma of fresh bananas, this potent hybrid strain is all you’ll need to command the mind and body into deep relaxation.

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5 Indica Cannabis Strains for Sativa Fans

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